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Japan is one of the most visited countries in East Asia by tourists. Due to the atmosphere, culture, and Japanese food that makes people fascinated and fall in love.

Japan has a very wide area, each region in Japan has its own identity that is not shared by other regions. and in Japan is also very safe, convenient for tourists. so you don`t have to worry about visiting Japan.

One of the areas in Japan that is very popular among tourists is Tokyo. tokyo is a business center in Japan and at the same time as the center of the nation`s capital, apart from tokyo, Japan`s famous city is Hokkaido, Hokkaido is a very dominant area with beautiful nature, cool and very able to relieve fatigue. Tokyo and Hokkaido are about 18 hours away by car.

So, if you want to explore Japan, you don`t have to worry. because there are so many modes of transportation prepared by the Japanese government such as trains, shinkansen, taxis, buses, ferries, MRT, monorail, and airplanes.

Come on, what are you waiting for? Hurry to Japan right now. If you want to go to Japan and want to be guided by an experienced tour guide who can speak Indonesian and English.


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