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If you`re talking about Japanese cuisine(especially noodles), everyone will definitely say Ramen. No doubt the popularity of Ramen No doubt the popularity of Ramen is well known everywhere. However, Ramen isn`t the only types of Japanese noodles. There are still seberal types of Japanase noodles (and of course they are equally delicious and uniquie).



Shirataki maybe more famous for people who are on a diet, because it has a very low calorie and carbohydrate content. So, Shirataki is one of Japanese noodles that is perfect for people who are on a diet.

Shirataki is made from the base of Konnyaku tuber, which makes the texture very chewy. Usually Shirataki is served as a complementary food for sukiyaki. We could say Shirataki is one of the most healthy Japanase noodles.


Soba is also a noodle that has a chewy texture, but has a large size of noodles and a rather blackish color. This is because the basic ingriedients of Soba are rye.

Usually Soba is served hot with a mixture of thick broth. There are also many other serving variations that are no less delicious on soba. Besides that, Soba can also be served cold. However, this type of Soba is served separately with the sauce or dipping sauce.


Somen have a very thin texture and usually served with ice (complemented with dipping sauce), so this Japanese noodle is perfect for summer.

Some`s texture is not only thin, but also flexible. This is because additional vegetable oil is given. In addition, Somen can also be served like other noodles with a warm broth.


Udon has a larger size than other Japanaese noodles. Just imagine, how full it would be if you ate Udon with its very large and thick size. Like the other noodles, Udon is served with thick hot broth and toppings.

Its delicious chewing and soft texture will make you addicted to enjoying this one Japanese noodle dish.




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