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About Sahat`S Trans

Sahat International Co., Ltd, is an Indonesian citizen-owned company in Japan which was established in 2008. Sahat`s Trans is a subsidiary of Sahat International Co., Ltd, which is engaged in providing your transportation needs in Japan, especially Hi-Ace, Fuso Rosa (Micro Bus), and Isuzu Gala (Big Bus). The main office is located in Sapporo Hokkaido and started a transportation business in 2015.

The rapid development of tourism in Japan, especially in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Hokkaido, has encouraged us to expand our business. In mid-2018, Sahat`s Trans company began opening its new branch in Chiba Tokyo to increase our range of services so as to provide better service to customers and provide easy access to Japan at affordable costs.

Being an official and the best transportation provider in Japan with official transportation license number 490, Sahat`s Trans always works professionally and focuses on your safety and convenience. Each of our fleets is equipped with a Safety Bus License and reliable drivers who can speak Bahasa Indonesia* (Easy English Driver).

Owned by Indonesian citizen, making it easier for your communication process and payment system because we have staff, drivers, and representatives offices in Indonesia. Our experienced team, advanced vehicles, and other supporting facilities will ensure that your trip is a pleasant one. Your traveling satisfaction in Japan is our main priority.


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Head Office Sahat's Trans
003-0876 Sahat International CO.,LTD 061-1102 Nishinosato945-2, Kitahiroshimashi Hokkaido Japan. TEL: +81 11-595-7369. FAX: +81 11-598-7369
Sahat's Trans Tokyo Branch
〒278-0011 Mitsubori Azainari Mae 991-1, Noda, Chiba, Japan TEL & FAX: (+81)4-7130-6219

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